George Edwin Coleman Fallaw

Enabler of Pain Free, Happy People

George Fallaw

Founder, George E. C. Fallaw of Geelong, Australia helps frustrated men and women who want to move better, perform better and look better.

George is a former sprinter and physique competitor who utilised this experience and combined it with formal education to open his own Clinical Myotherapy Practice.

He competes and is passionate about IFBB/ICN bodybuilding shows, powerlifting, high level football, athletics and marathons.

He understands the vigour’s of many different physical disciplines and uses this personal experience to best tale care of his clientele.

This results in relieving them of their frustrations during a period of injury, OR a period of fitness advancement.

George is a Clinical Myotherapist & Personal Trainer.

He specialises in: Deep Tissue Remedial Massage, Dry Needling, Cupping, Joint Mobilisation, Losing Body Fat, Gaining Muscle and Toning Up.

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