Monday-Friday – Various times ranging from 8am-8:30pm at night. Depending on availability.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Emergency Appointments Available By Request, Text – 0493 270 920 to book

What is Clinical Myotherapy?

Clinical Myotherapy is a specialised area of rehabilitation that helps frustrated people who have been feeling pain, take back control of their body and life.
It involves the practitioner assessing and treating your muscular pain, your injury, or symptom of discomfort.
Your time with a Myotherapist involves a lot of hands on work to treat your condition and you’ll receive a tailored plan to get you back to confidently living your life.

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What We Can Help You With

Low Back Pain

Do you have unexplained back pain? Have you dealth with this for years? Does your back hurt when you get out of bed?

Chronic Injuries/Tightness

Do you feel tight when you are working? Are you sore from your chosen sport? Do you ache when you get out of bed?

Nerve Pain

Do you have tingling in your hands? Pain running down your leg? Loss of limb control or unexplained weakness?

Rounded Shoulders

Are you hunched over all the time? Do you lack the posture to stand upright and confidently?


Do you wake up with headaches? Does pain refer from your neck and into your head? Do you struggle with vision when your headaches are bad?

And Much, Much More

Sciatica, Tingling in Fingers, Muscle Weaknesses, Forward Head Carriage, Inflammation and Bodily Maintenance

How Does It Work?

1) 1-hour Initial Consultation with George including full medical history and assessment of your condition

2) Massage, cupping and other techniques are then used to treat you

3) Your area will be re-assessed and improvements logged

4) You'll be given in-depth videos of corrective exercises that you can do to speed up your recovery. This will be delivered on a smartphone application


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When Can You Expect Results?

Depending on the severity of your condition, results are instantaneous after a treatment. Your personalised treatment plan will be outlined for you, but most patients only need to see George 1-3 times over the course of a month to take back control of their condition or discomfort.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“I have been having treatment now for 3 weeks, and George helps me so much in improving my back pain and the problems with my legs. These have been bothering me for years. I will certainly recommend George to anyone who needs to feel better”

EliseInternational Distributer

“George was recommended to me by an extremely satisfied client.
George approached me as a challenge and was incredibly professional, engaging and knowledgeable about all areas of the human body . After a couple sessions I am a new man ! Energetic and so much more flexible”


“George is great! Allowed me to get back to being injury free and training to my full potential. I didn't think it was possible to feel this good. I'll be recommending him to family and friends.”

NickInterior Decorator

“I first approached George looking for a solution to my lower back injury. Not only did George expedite my recovery, he also created a custom fitness plan that has both improved my overall strength and robustness. I now see him regularly for personal training and I am thoroughly enjoying it!”

CaseyMother of 2