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On instagram we see a LOT of different exercises for the glutes. Glute training has largely come into vogue because, well… who doesn’t want a nice round butt?
With all this popularity, we are now seeing a lot of common mistakes that females and males make.
These include:
1) Only training in a high rep range
2) Changing exercises too often
3) Choosing exercises that don’t activate their glutes very much
4) Blasting their glutes 1-2 times per week and being unable to sit
5) Not focusing on the squeeze ‘portion’ of their lifts
6) Neglecting training their glute medius
7) Ignoring that their hamstrings and lower back perform hip extension for them (think of a hip thrust)
8) Not addressing an anterior pelvic tilt and forcing hip extension through this range and irritating spinal joints (namely, facet)
9) Not using a correct stance in leg exercises that help activate glutes more
10) Not eating enough on the days you train glutes
11) ONLY training lower body
12) Not training with intensity and relying on having a higher BF% to fill out your jeans
13) Not progressively overloading on compound lifts
These are some of the mistakes. In PART 2 we will explain some ideas on how to construct a glute workout ☺️

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