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PT. 1 saw us look at the possible mistakes that people make with their glute training. Today, we talk about some ideas to train them.

1) WARM UP with high rep activation drills – RB clams, BW banded hip thrusts with external rotations, cable kick backs, banded kneeling kick backs. Aim for 3 X 20-30 reps. If you have an anteriorly tilted pelvis/lower back pain then you need to release off your hip flexors – scroll to my second post
2) PICK 2 compound exercises and get stronger at them (hip thrust, BB glute bridge, cable thrust) – Use 4 x 8 for this and pick the exercise you feel the most in the glutes.
3) PICK 2 single leg exercises 3 X 10-12 reps (Reverse BB lunge, bulgarian split squat, DB walk lunges, lateral lunges)
4) PICK 2 exercises to burn out on 20-30 reps and complete 3 sets (Hip abductor machine, cable kick backs, cable hip abductions, kneeling smith machine hip extensions, single leg glute bridge, frog pumps, reverse hyperextensions, banded thrusts).
5) FINISH with either rear loaded sled pull, sled push with march, stair march (squeeze supporting legs glute) and aim for 5-10 minutes of the above exercises.
1) Train glutes 2-3 X per week
2) This can involve strength days complimented with high rep exercises, single leg days with high rep exercises and if the body is really taxed you could just perform high rep exercises combined with cardio and core.
3) If your glutes are getting too sore and it’s affecting future sessions then think about changing the exercises or taking out a set or 2 of the single leg stuff until your body adapts.
4) Constant stimulation NOT occasional annihilation
5) Keep a looped RB in your car or office, tie it around the top of your knees and move those knees outwards while you sit. You can grow your glutes all day long at work. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In the words of Louie Simmons, i’ve never met anyone that is weak and has strong glutes. Aim to progress with all of your exercises and be sure to read the glute training mistakes I posted about previously.