'Fix Your Body, Peak Your Training'

What Does It Involve?

In-Person Training is dedicated time with a Fitness Expert that helps lost beginners and plateauing intermediate/advanced lifters gain professional experience in the gym and life-long confidence. You’ll get to work with not just any Personal Trainer, but our head Clinical Myotherapist and Fitness Devotee, George Fallaw.

What Do You Get?

  • Tailored Training Plan for Your Personal Goals
  • Tailored Rehabilitation Plan for Your Area of Pain/Weakness/Instability
  • In-depth Exercise Videos & Access To Our Smartphone Application
  • Personalised Nutritional Macro-nutrient and Calorie Guidelines
  • Accountability
  • Guaranteed Results
  • ….And Much, Much More

Who Are We?

George is a former sprinter and physique competitor turned Online Trainer and Clinical Myotherapist.

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What We Can Help You With

  • Eradicating Pain
  • Improving Bodily Function
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Gain Muscle
  • Gain Strength
  • Build Life-long Good Nutritional Habits
  • Change Behaviours That Harm Your Health
  • Performance


I think I have what it takes

When Can You Expect Results?

You'll start to see noticeable changes in your: body, fitness mindset, happiness and life confidence within 4 sessions, guaranteed.

Here's what just 1 month of investing 60 minutes per week of In-Person Training will do for you:

Reduce bodyweight/bodyfat levels by 1-4KG's/%
Enhance motivation and control of your life
Increase strength by 10-20%
Increase sex drive and energy

On day one you finally get to birth some goals out of your head that you had been wanting to do for so long. You'll sweat, smile and realise you really can do this.

By day three you're able to do so much more in your session because you have unlocked that mental barrier you had in your head for so long about your true capabilities.

By week 3 you can't believe how far your strength and confidence has come. People are even starting to complement you on how your aesthetic is changing and you can't remember the last time you felt this amazing.

I've tried many things before..

What Makes This So Different?

You won't be second guessing yourself or your exercise form ever again.

You won't be wasting time google 'the best diet' or ways to lose/gain weight

You won't be wasting time and effort reading through convoluted pages on the internet about how to get in shape, or increase your strength.

You'll save so much time, receive real facts, personalised help and positive guidance for your unique situation - what ever that may be.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

“You have changed my life in many ways since we have begun training together George. I feel more confident and happier within myself and sincerely look forward to our sessions.”


I trained with George to meet some personal goals that were really important to me. He was enthusiastic, professional and really showed he cared about achieving those goals with me. He tailored a fitness and meal plan to my interest and life style which kept me motivated and engaged. Thanks George!!!


I tried to give 6/5 stars but google wouldn't let me.
I've been working with Fallaw M&F for the past 4 months. Living with chronic lower back pain for the past 10 years I am now pain free, healthier, fitter and it is all because of Fallaw M&F. I would highly recommend using this service for anyone looking for Myotherapy or Personal Training/Fitness services.


Such experienced knowledge! Helping me so much with my fitness goals, cannot recommend enough 🙂

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You have nothing to lose


We are so confident in our service that we guarantee your results 100%. You will get to where you want to be.

That is a promise.

If you don’t see ANY health and mindset improvement in 1 month of In-Person Training, then we will keep training you for ABSOLUTELY FREE until you do.

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But just wait..


  1. Complimentary Myotherapy Treatment ($80 Value)
  2. Nutrition Tips & Tricks EBOOK ($60 Value)
  3. How To Create The Perfect Meal Document ($40)
  4. Access To Fallaw MyoFitness Online Facebook Group Community (Priceless)

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.

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