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Are you frustrated with how you have been squatting recently? Do you ever feel lost mid set and wondering whether your form is correct?
These are common emotions from lifters and even some of the most experienced ones feel this too. Gym is a huge psychological game and you need to have the tools to support you adequately when you are under the bar. Here are 15 ways to get started.

1) Always approach and un-rack the bar the same way and with purpose
2) Don’t walk back more than one step away from the rack position
4) Spread the floor – imagine newspaper on the floor and you’re trying to tear it with your feet
5) Press through heels, big toe and sole of foot
6) A coke can has tension all around it. You should have tension everywhere: Back, hips, core, hands etc.
7) If it’s available tuck elbows towards side of rib cage – imagine a behind the back lat pulldown
8) Push elbows towards the mirror – don’t flare them backwards
9) Squat light weights like they’re heavy – practice perfect form ALWAYS. Light reps and warm up sets are a great chance for that
11) Push hard into the bar with your back while moving the earth away from you. DO NOT THROW ‘CHEST UP’
12) Watch your hips as you squat to achieve depth
13) Perform valsalva manoeuvre (hold tongue to roof of mouth while squatting and with a full abdomen of air that you took through your diaphragm) – will do seperate video on this
14) If you have damn long femurs, use a wider stance, coupled with a 20-40 degree outward turn of the feet
15) If you have anterior (frontal) knee pain, consider box squatting for a lengthy period of time
I could go on all day.. but everyone’s squat should be coached differently due to their anthropometry and needs/goals. These are just a few ideas to remember.

For an in-depth squat form video, check out this link Back Squatting

Enjoy! 🙂