George Fallaw Presents: MyoFitness Online

Virtual Strength & Mobility Coaching. ‘Fix Your Body, Peak Your Training’


Fallaw MyoFitness Online is a fully personal and systemised Online Training Service. Roll all your health professionals into one and be coached by a Clinical Myotherapist with 10+ years Personal Training experience.

We help ALL: Unsure beginners, people with pain and plateauing lifters become:

  • Extremely skilled in the gym
  • Equipped with life-long knowledge on how to manage pain and improve the function of their body
  • Strong
  • Lean
  • Proficient nutritionally

You’ll get to work with not just any Online Coach, but our head Clinical Myotherapist and Fitness Devotee, George Fallaw.

George is a former competitive Sprinter, turned Physique Competitor/Powerlifter and Clinical Myotherapist.


If you’ve ever had an old injury or pain hold you back from doing exercises you know you love, then you must address the cause of this hesitance and couple it with perfect technique.

Imagine if you could combine all the health professionals you see into one Online Coach? No more physio appointments and emailing between health professionals needed. You’ll get one health professional that can assist you in both your pain/restriction and your training.

As a member of Fallaw Myofitness Online you get exclusive access to the Fallaw MyoFitness Online Facebook group.

Here, you connect with me or other members of the gym community that are just like you.

You can choose to upload your very own exercise videos, ask questions and receive personalised technique cues or information. Other members will cheer you on too!


  1. Tailored Training Plan Delivered Via Smartphone App
  2. Weekly Email/In-app Messenger Support
  3. Tailored Rehabilitation Plan For Your Area Of Pain/Weakness/Instability
  4. In-Depth Exercise Videos
  5. In-Depth Warm-Up Protocols
  6. Weekly Online Media Feedback And Exercise Technique Review By George
  7. Train Anywhere, Anytime With Strong Accountability And Support


We have many different options and programs available for each person, depending on what you need. Online coaching ranges from $37.50-$87.50 per week with a $120-$200 start-up cost which covers: Account creation, welcome pack, on-boarding your information, creating your workouts and setting you up for success perfectly. The weekly cost covers everything mentioned in the list above.

For $37.50 you will receive much less 1-1 time and support with George.

For $87.50 you will walked through every aspect of the program by George and will have formal bi-weekly check-ins.

If you are someone who doesn’t trust themselves to self-motivate, or you would like George to hold your hand through the program, then you will be suited to the higher end package. But we can discuss this on a phone call after you fill out your application form.

PS. Allow 10% for GST


“Fallaw Myofitness Online provided amazing accountability and in-depth exercise video support which allowed me to enter a gym and workout with confidence. I know more than I ever thought I would about fitness and feel extremely confident that I will continue to see improvements in my strength!”


“By far the best decision I have ever made. I needed to do online training for the flexibility to workout when I wanted. I’m the most mobile and happy version of myself.”


“I loved working with George. He has thought of everything that could help my success with Online Training. The app keeps me motivated and I really enjoy viewing the statistics that it provides. I can’t see myself ever going back to guessing by myself.”



We are so confident in our service that we guarantee your results 100%. You will get to where you want to be. That is a promise.
If you don’t see ANY health, pain and mindset improvement in 1 month of Online Coaching, then we will keep training you for ABSOLUTELY FREE until you do.


When you take action and become a member of Fallaw MyoFitness Online today you will receive BONUS:

✅ Personalised Nutritional Macro-nutrient and Calorie Guidelines

✅ Nutritional Tips & Hacks E-BOOK

✅ Body-Fat and Lean Mass Tracking Techniques

✅ The Greatest Sleep Tips of All Time E-BOOK


  1. Fill out application form.
  2. If I think we are a good fit, you’ll receive an email to book a time for a strategy session phone call.
  3. Once we are on the phone you will tell me EVERYTHING you’d like to achieve with your fitness and training.
  4. I’ll present the best option for you to get there in the fastest possible time
  5. You’ll be prompted to complete payment via a PayPal link.
  6. Once you pay, I will have your program & welcome pack to you within 48 hours time.
  7. You start your journey 🙂


Look, you’re standing at a crossroads here,” and the point of it is to say, “Now, what is it going to cost to not own this? You’ve heard my offer… I have expressed the value to you. I hope you feel like you can trust me. I’ve shown you exactly what’s going to happen when you decide to give it a chance today. Remember that you have your guarantee. You’re fully protected. If you don’t get the results, then I will work with you for free until you do.

All the risk is on me.

If you’re still wondering about this, let’s just consider that right now you’re standing at a crossroads and there’s two paths. One of the paths takes you down the road I’ve just laid out for you where all these great things happen. Thirty days from now you’ll feel like a different person OR you can just stay on the road you’re on right now and continue to experience the same frustration, feeling of hopelessness from trying to do it yourself.