Let us start you off with a hypothetical thought.

Imagine you receive the gift of a delicious 3 course dining experience from a friend during a time of unforeseen famine. Would you show up to this 3 course dining experience, just eat the appetizer and then leave before the main course and dessert even arrives? Remember, this is a time of famine and you are desperate for food.

Most people wouldn’t leave before the main course in a time of famine. Corrective exercises are a bit like the main course in your recovery plan.

1st Course = The treatment with your practitioner

2nd Course = Implementing the corrective exercises

3rd Course = Return consultation and confirmation of symptom improvement

For best results, it’s imperative you engage with the main course/corrective exercises. These carefully chosen exercises are whats between you and being pain free. Our Clinical Myotherapists will give you a tailored exercise plan delivered through ‘Physiapp’ digitally. Physiapp allows you to receive in-depth instructional videos on how to do the exercises and you’ll be able to log your progress and pain levels as you go. This leaves zero guesswork for the practitioner at your follow up appointment on how you are going with everything. Accountability can be a good motivator for adhering to a plan that will positively influence your life so strongly.