Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IATSM) is exactly as the name suggests.

Your soft tissues will be mobilsed using an instrument. Here at Fallaw Myotherapy & Fitness we use commercial grade stainless steel instruments to implement ‘muscular scraping’ to encourage fascial movement and penetrate the muscle belly deeply.

IASTM is a relatively comfortable technique that will aim to increase flexibility and reduce ‘binding’ between your soft tissues. An area of immobility will usually cause binding between the layers of muscle and fascia that we have. This will reduce function of the area and restrict movement. If your movement is restricted, then you can generally expect that you will feel pain in a particular area, or you’ll feel compromised function.

IASTM works a similar way to Myofascial Cupping  does on our fascial system. You’ll feel greater compliance of one area of the body with another AND an instant improvement in flexibility.


‘Pre max’ cream is applied to the affected area. Once warmed up, the appropriately shaped tool is used to slowly pick up the muscles fascia and slide it across the area of focus.

We drag the tool along the skin at a rate that works perfectly with the bodies fascia. You can expect us to spend about 2-3 minutes encouraging movement of the area with our tools and open dialogue between patient and therapist is expected, if you are needing less or more pressure.
We may re-visit the area and apply other techniques like: myofascial dry needling and massage, depending on the patients needs.

You’ll feel instant relief with the area of restriction and you’ll be back to performing optimally in the gym and in life.