As Clinical Myotherapists we focus on treating the muscular system mainly. But, it is imperative that we address a joints function if we have the capabilities, for best results. Due to our extensive continued professional development, we have the ability to provide both modalities. This means you are extremely well supported in our treatments.

A joint mobilisation is a pain-free, subtle technique that aims to improve joint congruency and function. Pain can often lock down an area and increase pressure within a joint. This can also cause surrounding muscular tightness, as a result. Getting your joints mobilised can be the first step to reducing the muscular tightness, increasing synovial fluid production and improving the ‘arthrokinematics’ of the joint (how it moves).

Below, is a video of head Myotherapist George providing a lateral glide of the hip, while actively moving his patient into hip flexion. This technique is particularly useful for anterior hip pain and dysfunction. Many of our strength athletes who squat see great benefit in this particular technique in regards to their depth and pain levels.