Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a pain-free form of therapy that is most useful with: high levels of inflammation, scarring, edema, pregnancy, chronic fatigue, lethargy, stress and anxiety. The therapist will use a light touch with areas of your body to encourage movement of our ‘lymphatic fluid’.

The lymphatic system captures left over compounds, molecules and chemicals that fall between our cells or between our cardiovascular system and our tissues. It is essentially the garbage collection system for the body.

Unfortunately, we can only naturally process 2-3 litres of lymphatic fluid per day. This is because the lymphatic system has no pump (unlike our cardiovascular system).

The movement of the fluid relies on the muscular contractions that we use for everyday movement, diaphragmatic breathing and self massage. Sometimes this amount of movement simply isn’t enough to be able to support times of: stress, inflammation, scarring and trauma.

MLD works by ’emptying’ our lymph nodes (garbage depots/filtration ports) and then sequentially encouraging  lymphatic fluid to move to the areas of filtration for processing (lymph nodes).

It is here damaged and harmful cells can be eradicated or recycled and re-used in the body. The lymphatic system is our powerhouse for dealing with infection and is responsible for the success of our immune response during times of compromised environments. Without the lymphatic system you would simply stay sick, tired and inflamed.

MLD makes sure you are functioning as the most efficient and healthy version of yourself. It’s perfectly relaxing and appropriate for anybody that wants the most out of the body and life.