Muscle Energy Techniques (MET’s) are an extremely quick and effective way of reducing neuromuscular holding patterns, increasing flexibility and restoring adequate joint function in humans. They are pain-free, can be used on any area of the body and their results are instant.

We will give an example of how an MET would be applied on the cervical spine. First, we assess which joint in the neck feels ‘sticky’ or restricted. If you have poor movement of lateral flexion or rotation in your neck, then this will show up in the assessment phase.

If you have a rotation issue at your C1/C2 junction towards the right, we take your neck out in rotation to the left and couple this movement with lateral flexion of your neck. From here, you provide a coupled movement of rotation and lateral flexion back towards the mid-line of your body using 10-20% of your strength, while holding your breath. After 8 seconds breathe out and release your effort.

This process is completed 3 times. We finish with taking your neck into its new ‘mapped’ range of motion that the MET provided you with as we adequately switched the muscle tightness off.

1-2 MET’s are often enough to restore function to a joint, or to provide the patient with an adequate amount of muscle length for them to no longer feel pain/restriction in this area.