Myofascial Cupping is a relatively pain free form of therapy that works with the bodies myofascial system. This system can be thought of as the ‘stocking’ around all of our muscles and joints that wraps the body together and allows different areas to work harmoniously with each other. It works hard to connect muscles with bones and also is intertwined in between each muscle fiber. If you’ve ever had an area of the body treated that wasn’t the direct location of your pain and received a reduction of pain, then you know how intertwined the body is.

The cups work by pulling up layers of fascia and can be used dynamically as the practitioner drags the cups along your skin. This dragging will tell the brain that this area is being stretched. The brain will then send a signal down to this area to tell it to relax and not hold itself so tightly.

From here, the cups stimulate fibroblast activity, which work to regenerate the fascial matrix and encourage fascia to be built down in the direction that the cups are sliding. During areas of restriction, the fascial matrix will become disorganised and go in many different directions. The cups aim to restore the integrity of the matrix and re-hydrate the taut dry fascia.

You may also see them used statically. This will typically involve the cups staying in the one position for up to 10 minutes. A local increase in blood volume to the area and a reduction in muscular tension is expected.