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1) If you’ve ever struggled with a ‘slow metabolism’ a great way to increase it is to load up on low calorie vegetables for a period of 4 weeks or some you like (that are low calorie) and have 2-3 cups per meal. It doesn’t cost you much to ingest these foods but your body has to break them down at some point.. the result after a few weeks is a much faster metabolism.

Why? Your enzymatic processes needed to break down food will be working in overdrive. But they won’t be breaking down something that is going to tip you over your net required caloric intake for a day. You’ll be chewing through food that is costing you next to nothing and training your digestive system to do more.
2) Follow this 4 week load up phase by a 10-20% period of calorie restriction and you’ll be hungry more often, digest meals quickly, kick your ‘slow metabolism’ to the curb and be burning fat.
3) This method works for anyone…Some low calorie vegetables I like are: Peas, bok choy and pumpkin. I would also combine the meal with 120-140grams of a lean protein source. Don’t eat less – eat more to speed your metabolism up 🥗