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Clinical Myotherapy is a specialised area of rehabilitation. It involves assessing and treating muscular/fascial pain, injury and dysfunction. Your time with a Myotherapist involves a lot of hands on work to treat your area of immobility and painful restricted movement.

A Myotherapist will determine the cause of your ailment, provide symptomatic relief of the area and strategise a tailored plan to get you back to your life. You won’t have to worry about pain holding you back from anything.

Sometimes, when people have bone or joint issues they see a Chiropractor. This is because a Chiropractor specialises in assessing and treating these areas. If you have muscle pain or aching, then you would go to a Myotherapist. We specialise in assessing and treating the muscles, and no one knows more about muscles than us. However, we have done extensive professional development on how to service the skeletal system, and some Chiropractors have also done professional development on the muscular system.

The important thing is you getting in touch with your body and become aware to your symptoms. Becoming aware to your needs sounds simple, but it is a rare phenomenon. Some questions you could ask yourself to find out what therapist you should see are:
1) Does this pain ache in one particular spot in my muscle and move to another?
2) Is it my joint that feels ‘sticky’ and restricted?
3) If I push on this muscle, and push on this muscle on the other side of my body, do they feel the same? Or is one not as ‘squishy’ (relaxed) as the other?
4) Am I compensating for the pain I feel? E.g a limp, leaning to one side etc.

When you check in with yourself and explore some emotions and feelings associated with pain, you give yourself an empowering motivation to clear the issue and take back control. There are great videos on youtube for checking in with yourself via meditation. Just type in ‘body scan meditation’ or follow this link for one Body Scan Meditation

Enjoy 🙂

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